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I have received s number of requests to post another excerpt from my CD, Lou Harrison; A Portrait.  Here is the final movement of Lou’s “Last Symphony.”  While I was discussing the revisions to the piece in preparation for the premier with Lou, I asked him why he was calling it his “Last Symphony” – he simply replied, “Barry, if for some reason I write another, which I highly doubt, I will simply call it my “Very Last Symphony!”  The piece did turn out to be his last symphony.   The final movement which is posted, is built around 3 Native American “Coyote Stories.”  Al Jarreau is the perfect vocalist for the demanding score and he was really a pleasure to work with – an amazing performer, remarkable artist and it was his orchestral debut!  Now this is not your typical 4th movement of a symphony – listen and you will hear why.  As always, let me know what you think. (You can find the entire CD on Itunes, etc.)


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